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Re-Wire enters the final stretch

So, in record time, Re-Wire was edited, composed, sound designed, animated, colour corrected and mixed and a copy sent off to Sundance for consideration in the 2010 festival. We managed to get it in on the LAST day for shorts submissions. Woo!

The next step for us is to take our very near final copy of the film around to some key folks for feedback. Based on that, we’re going to make a few tweaks and enhancements and have a new exhibition ready copy by November.

The website is nearing completion and the trailer should be done next week sometime, so look out for a new update about those.

Congratulations to everyone involved for making it all come together in time to enter Sundance. Best of luck!

Here are some more screen grabs to wet your appetite:

Down the Hallway

Hallway wall

First impressions

The lab

Reading the fine print



Checking the connections

Re-Wire in progress

Re-Wire in progress2


Re-Wire in progress3

Uh oh

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