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Re-Wire trailer online

So the Re-Wire trailer is done. I cut it over the weekend. Thanks to Tim Kirkwood for the inspiration and Greg Bennett for the aspect ratio purism.


Re-Wire (2009) Trailer from David Fernandes on Vimeo.

This is the trailer for Re-Wire, a new 14-minute psych-fi film and the directorial debut of Toronto filmmaker, David-James Fernandes.

The film follows Harley, a late 30's man suffering from severe, debilitating anxiety. On a tip from his psychiatrist, Harley seeks out the help of Dr. Adrian Vanuz, a renown but disgraced neuroscientist whose experimental equipment has allegedly been used to cure epilepsy, Alzheimer's and possibly even mental health issues. Harley is determined to get better, whether or not the doctor is ready to see him. And at any risk....


The film was shot digitally in 4K resolution (4X HD) on the RED camera in Toronto last August by Director of Photography, Gregory Bennett.

The film has been submitted to ten film festivals so far and the filmmakers are waiting for responses.

Please see the website for more information about the cast and crew:


Please also see our IMDB page for more information:


Also, Twitch Film did a little piece on the trailer:


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