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Re-Wire Nominated for an award from the Canadian Society of Cinematographers

Mon ,01/03/2010

Canadian Society of Cinematographers

Canadian Society of Cinematographers

Gregory Bennett has been nominated for a prestigious award from his peers, recognizing the phenomenal camera and lighting work he crafted as Director of Photography for Re-Wire.

The award is in the category of Short Dramatic Fiction for 2010, and interestingly enough, the only other film that was nominated was shot in 2007! It seems that the CSC allows films to be entered based on their calendar year of completion – which makes sense – but also allows films which have been exhibited or broadcast in the previous year…

Does that strike you as a bit odd? It does to me…

The film that Re-Wire is up against for the award is called, “Next Floor” and it one of my favourite short films – probably ever. I saw it at TIFF in 2008 and again at WWSFF in 2009. It’s a great film with stunning visuals, great special effects, great acting, great writing, great directing, great art design and definitely great cinematography. I read an interview with the director where he talked about how great it was to work without financial constraints.

“Next Floor was made with total freedom; there were no worries about money. It became about the total pleasure of cinema.”

How lovely!

Along comes our film – furnished with found furniture and trash carpets, rented computers, hacked interfaces, nintendo DS remote-controlled projections and a hand-made helmet of Active Surplus parts. The film was completed ONLY with the incredible generosity of the 50+ people that worked on it, all for little or no money.

While it might sound like I’m griping (and yeah ok, I am for sure… a teeny bit… itsy, teeny weeny) it is at the same time a huge honour to have our film in competition for a cinematography award against a film of such calibre! It’s a testament to the raw talent and skill of Greg, who will hopefully get a huge career boost from all this.

The award winners will be officially announced at a gala event on March 27th in Toronto.

Here’s hoping for a little underdog upset on March 27th! ;)