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What I’ve been up to

Tue ,21/07/2009

Hey folks, thanks for visiting my new website!

For those who’ve been out of touch for a while, I no longer do graphic design work and am happy to recommend my friends at the Public Studio in Toronto.

For the last two years since leaving Ottawa I have been working on building a successful video and film production company called Leslieville Production and Post Inc. We work with a number of clients including labour unions, the Government of Ontario and the United Way. The business is owned jointly with Gregory Bennett and soon, Sarah Kapoor. We provide a full range of production services for TV commercials, PSAs, campaigns and more. Check it out and subscribe to our newsletter if you’d like to stay in touch.


Since January 2009, I’ve been working closely with Sarah Kapoor and am currently co-producing two feature-length documentary projects with her:

The first one, about birth, follows Sarah’s journey as a new mother to find an alternative to the medicalized system of child birth that we’ve come to know and fear. The film explores a growing movement of women, doulas, parents, educators and activists who are forming a number of viable alternatives to painful, medicated hospital births.

The second film takes an historical and critical look at school – the babysitter of the masses. The film explores the history and structure of compulsory schooling, how it got to be this way and how stuck it is in a centuries-old paradigm that no longer works well in a modern context. The film also explores the vast network of schools, educators and parents that have taken back control of their children and are experimenting with new ways of learning and teaching.

Finally, I’m working with an amazing group of people on a 12-minute sci-fi short that I’ve written and will be directing. Re-wire is about Harley, a worn down man in his 40′s who suffers from severe, debilitating anxiety and Dr. Vanus, a disgraced but brilliant neurologist, who claims he can fix him. No analysis. No drugs. Just an hour on an experimental machine that uses computer-controlled electromagnets to re-wire the structure of Harley’s brain. But when the re-wiring doesn’t go quite as planned, Harley must face his deepest fears alone, and Vanus must come to grips with what Harley has become in his care…

The film will be shot on the RED camera by Gregory Bennett (CSC). We are shooting in late August and will be submitting the film to the Sundance Festival for the 2010 season. Casting is being done during the last week of July under the ACTRA TIP program. Wish us luck!