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Who Shrank London?

Wow, for a city with such a long and storied history as imperial centre of the world it’s pretty amazing how compact this place is. Maybe after having been to New York so much I’m expecting the same kind of viral sprawl. The core is a lot smaller than i had realised. I have been here once before, but not for long and didn’t do much other than walk around.

Anyway, Bristol was great. Small, green, pretty, nice architecture – new and old – tonnes of parks and public spaces, small enough to walk most places. I spent all of yesterday checking out 8 more BAFC films – it was truly a marathon. I thought I’d loose steam by the fourth one, but it got really interesting around then. The Last Angel of History, in particular, really woke me up – it’s a bit dated, but it was an interesting retrospective on the history and influence of western black music and culture making links between blues, jazz, funk, hip-hop and science fiction. Well executed, narrated, etc, and maybe the first real foray the BAFC took into digital filmmaking – this was 1995 (Clearly someone stumbled across after effects). The sound scores in all the films, by BAFC members Trevor Mathison, are truly remarkable. All the films are neat, but the Last Angel and the Martin Luther King biography are really innovative. I have the curator’s email, from the arnolfini, and I’m hoping to somehow get a few of these on video. Unfortunately, nothing is available commercially. So sad…

Having fried my brain indoors all day, i took a couple of hours to actually walk around Bristol. Later, I went over to Nicky’s sister’s place for drinks and a late dinner. All-in-all a lovely day.

I’m not really sure what i’m doing in london today, I’m taking it easy, walking around and stopping for the occasional pint refresh, criss-crossing the Thames and taking the odd picture. I’m not in super picture-taking mode right now, though there is plenty of pretty scenery around here.

I’m off to Madeira island tomorrow. And i’m thinking a lot about the trip and how I’m going to balance spending quality time with folks and also getting all the shots i want to get for this little film i’m making. I haven’t pulled the video camera out yet – I’ve barely used the still. I’m kind of enjoying just taking things in and walking around. I’ll be doing plenty of shooting in Madeira.

Ok, back to being a tourist.

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