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David J. Fernandes is a multi-award-winning Canadian & Portuguese filmmaker, focused on creating highly original films and TV in a vareity of genres spanning comedy, docu-series, horror, thriller and sci-fi.

Current Projects:

  • Creepy Bits Season 2 has been greenlit and is going into production May, 2024 - premiering on Hollywood Suite this October! Funded by Canada Media Fund, Ontario Creates and produced by LaRue Entertainment.
  • David is currently developing a new music docuseries called, The New Vibes, aimed at uncovering. the very best of Canada's up and coming new music.
  • David is currently pitching Sci-Fi / Horror feature, The Frequency (Pitch deck and script available).
  • David wrote and directed original short horror series Creepy Bits - now available across Canada on Hollywood Suite. 24 award nominations, 5 wins, 17 international festivals.
  • David co-developed 1hr teen TV horror/drama Limbo with Matthew MacFadzean (Hardy Boys), Aurora Browne (Baroness Von Sketch) and Nicole Stamp (Carmilla). Currently seeking producing partners. Pitch deck and script available.
  • David is seeking producing partners for his original 1hr sci-fi TV series, Meld. (Pitch deck, pilot script avail.)
  • David is currently pitching revenge horror feature, Mara Slaughter. (Pitch deck, script avail.)


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The Frequency

The Frequency is an original feature length Sci-Fi / Horror, now looking for producing partners.

Isha is in deep grief about the sudden and recent suicide of her younger brother Marcus, and she fully blames herself for failing to prevent it. At risk of failing school, she signs up to get extra marks by participating in an unorthodox science experiment and inadvertently discovers a mysterious energy trying to communicate with her. Is it Marcus’ ghost warning her about a future threat, or a malignant energetic force intent on harm? Isha and her friends must risk life or death to unravel the truth. 

Pitch deck and script available now. Find David at TIFF 2023.

Creepy Bits - Digital Series

Creepy Bits is a 7 x chapter bite-sized horror anthology, that launched across social media on Friday, Sep. 24th, 2021 at 9pm. Written & Directed by David J. Fernandes. Cinematography by Gregory Bennett.

"Creepy Bits explores pandemic age themes of isolation, paranoia and distrust of authority, serving them up in bite-sized chunks you can watch anywhere, because we experience these things everywhere.”

Winner of 3 awards (and counting), nominated for 19 more (14 still up for grabs), and Official Selection at 14 international film festivals.

Creepy Bits Season 1 had it's Canadian broadcast premiere in January 2023 on Hollywood Suite, and will soon be available on American Horror blog - Bloody Disgusting's 24h AVOD streaming service, BDTV.

Season 2 is in the works with LaRue Entertainment. Canadian Media Fund has kicked in the first $250K.

Meld - TV Series

25 year old Karine Ahmed tries a new party drug called Meld. The next morning she discovers she can eavesdrop on other people's texts, emails, searches and photos – their entire digital lives are suddenly accessible to her, as easy as thinking.

It's fun – until she discovers that a dangerous group is using these abilities to control politicians and other powerful elites. Karine soon gets drawn into uncovering the truth behind Meld, where it came from, and why it exists.

STATUS: Pitch deck, script available.

Limbo - 1hr teen TV horror/drama

A haunted love story between a ghost and a girl who need each other in order to be seen.

Co-created with Matthew MacFadzean, Aurora Browne and Nicole Stamp.

STATUS: Optioned by and in development with Sinking Ship Entertainment.

Mara Slaughter Pitch Deck cover

Mara Slaughter - Feature Film

Two robotics engineers – Mara & Sumir – get swept up in a neo-nazi plot to instigate a civil war. Kidnapped, beaten and left for dead, Mara, alive but badly injured, steals and modifies her employer’s prototype Hintersuit N-5000 Exoskeleton, using it to mete out her gruesome revenge by crucifying, defibrillating, immolating, and power-drilling her former captors.

STATUS: Pitch deck, script available.

RE-WIRE - Short Film

Harley seeks the help of a controversial doctor who claims he can cure the one thing that has plagued him for his entire life: his fear.

Hailed by Todd Brown of Screen Anarchy / XYZ Films  as "far and away one of the better science fiction shorts of the year."

Winner of Best Sci-Fi at the Hamilton Film Festival in 2012.

Nominated for an award for Best Dramatic Short by the Canadian Society of Cinematographers.

Official Selection at six international film festivals including Fantasia (2010).